Carestream Launches Digital Dentistry Patient Education Campaign

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Carestream Dental’s Digital Dentistry Difference public education campaign is designed to inform consumers about the benefits of digital dentistry and arm doctors with resources to prompt conversation with their patients, solving a significant awareness gap that researchers suggest is harming patient perception of doctors and the oral healthcare industry overall.

According to the company’s first Global Digital Dentistry survey, patients believe that the oral healthcare industry lags behind both optical and orthopedic care in terms of technology used. Even more surprising, Carestream Dental said, less than half of patients even believe their doctor uses very advanced technology.

“It is a missed opportunity when you consider that doctors are investing in digital dentistry to improve patient care, yet many patients do not understand the level of advanced digital technology the industry offers or how it can change their lives,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer at Carestream Dental. 

“The Digital Dentistry Difference campaign will change that by speaking directly to consumers about why they should be asking about the technology used by their doctor and, at the same time, arming doctors with the tools they need to easily educate,” said Shellard. 

Carestream Dental intends to directly reach patients through a large-scale public relations initiative by connecting digital dentistry experts with national and regional news media to share information on how the technology makes a difference in oral healthcare. It also aims to foster conversation about digital technology ahead of Oral Health Month. 

The company is partnering with Miguel Stanley, DDS, to conduct a broadcast media tour in late May with plans to reach regional markets throughout the United States and encourage viewers to talk to their doctors about the digital technology used in their care. According to Carestream Dental, education is likely to help:

  • Increase patient retention: Two out of three patients would consider changing to a dentist who uses more advanced technology. 
  • Bring in more patients: Approximately two in five patients who haven’t been to the dentist in two or more years say they would be motivated to go with education about how technology would improve their care.
  • Enhance patient perception of care: 95% of patients who experienced advanced technology agree they get better care.

Carestream Dental offers complimentary educational resources that doctors can use in their own patient education efforts, including a video, infographics, and other content that can be shared through online and social channels, in the waiting room, or referenced during patient consultations.

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