Carestream Dental’s OrthoTrac Software Celebrates 30 Years



ATLANTA – Developed with a practicing orthodontist, OrthoTrac was the first orthodontic practice management software to be introduced, and now it’s celebrating its 30th year of service for Carestream Dental customers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and western Europe.

Since its introduction in 1982, OrthoTrac has established a continuing tradition of innovation in orthodontics, helping practices be more efficient and productive.

  • In 1984, the software became the first to offer both color-coded scheduling and functionality for multi-office locations.
  • Nineteen years later, OrthoTrac was the first to offer seamless integration of practice management, imaging, electronic services and digital radiography.
  • In 2004, advances in technology by Carestream Dental enabled practice management to become mobile, with OrthoTrac running on a wireless tablet PC.
  • Five years later, the software was the first to provide remote two-way data flow access through the PEARL module.
  • Today, 90 percent of OrthoTrac’s first 150 customers still use the software, as innovations like eBackup and the forthcoming cloud solution continue to offer smarter and more efficient solutions for practice management.

“Working directly with clinicians and their teams to develop OrthoTrac ensures that the software keeps pace with the unique and evolving needs of orthodontic practices,” said Susan Whitt, Carestream Dental’s senior product manager.

OrthoTrac offers a completely seamless integration for practice management, imaging, digital radiography and electronic services. OrthoTrac easily integrates with Carestream Dental’s digital imaging software and products, including panoramic and cephalometric systems such as the 8000C system, 3D imaging systems like the CS 9300C, the 1500 intraoral camera and intraoral sensors like the RVG 6500 sensor. Integration with these products provides practices with easy access to clinical information.

Additionally, OrthoTrac’s eServices automate and streamline essential tasks related to insurance claims, payment processing, and more. OrthoTrac continues to provide practices with increased efficiency and productivity, and it helps office managers run a financially-fit practice through intuitively designed financial reporting.

“For 30 years, OrthoTrac has consistently delivered groundbreaking innovations in orthodontics, and we continue to strive toward the next enhancement, our cloud solution,” Whitt said. “Launching at the 2012 American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session, our cloud solution offers all the features and functionality that already define OrthoTrac, advanced by the vast benefits of the cloud, such as minimized upfront costs and greater flexibility for practices. It has been an honor to endeavor alongside orthodontics for three decades, and while we celebrate our history, we always keep our eye towards the future.”

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