Byrnes Dental Lab Implements Automated Post-Printing Solution

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byrnes dental lab

PostProcess has announced the selection of its automated resin removal solution by Byrnes Dental Lab, the cutting-edge digital dental lab that serves the United Kingdom and Europe. Byrnes Dental Lab is a cutting-edge, digital dental lab that is revolutionizing the way the dental industry works through the latest technologies in the world of digital dentistry. Byrnes uses the Carbon M2 Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) printer for production, and recently implemented the software intelligent PostProcess DEMI 430 to streamline their resin removal process.

It became clear that to become the most trusted, high-quality digital model provider in the UK, Byrnes Dental needed to implement an automated post-print solution for their 3D printed parts. The traditional resin removal method of IPA dunk tanks did not provide the consistency, repeatability, and predictability that Byrnes Dental Lab needed to increase its production volumes. They selected the DEMI 430, PostProcess’s full-stack automated post-printing solution, to improve efficiency in the post-printing workflow.

The DEMI 430 employs patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology to effectively remove excess resin from parts via submersion in PostProcess’s proprietary detergents. Software intelligence ensures that 3D-printed parts are uniformly, consistently, and reliably exposed to detergent and cavitation as they undergo post-printing.

“The DEMI 430 has put a big smile on everyone’s face here at the Byrnes Dental Lab,” says Ashley Byrnes, co-owner of Byrnes Dental Lab. “The improvement to our production workflow was immediately evident after only three days of use. It has allowed us to create a predictable and consistent post-process workflow for our ever-increasing production volumes.”

Ken Whild, Head of Sales UK & Ireland, PostProcess Technologies International, said. “We are pleased to see how quickly the DEMI 430 removed the post-print bottleneck for Byrnes Dental Lab while simultaneously improving the health and safety of their workflow with the near elimination of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) from the post process. We are confident that the DEMI 430 will enable them to continue revolutionizing the dental industry from start to finish.”

About Byrnes Dental Lab

Byrnes dental lab is a leading UK dental laboratory who focus primarily on high end crown and bridge, implants and denture restorations. Based near Oxford in the UK, they cover the service demands of dentists and laboratories over the whole of the UK and Ireland. They have been industry leading in embracing new technology with a key focus on digitization and additive manufacturing and in particular 3D printing.

About PostProcess

PostProcess Technologies is the only provider of automated and intelligent post-processing solutions for 3D printed parts. PostProcess Technologies removes the bottleneck in the third step of 3D printing – post-processing. Through patent-pending technology, PostProcess Technologies delivers consistency and scalability in addition to an increase in productivity. Customers span many industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, defense and medical.

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