Bryant Dental is Revolutionizing the Loupe Industry

Bryant Dental
Bryant dental


Bryant Dental has released a first-of-its-kind measurement application to allow dentists, surgeons, vets and many others to access ultra-bespoke loupes from the comfort of their own homes.

Bryant dental

What are Loupes?

Loupes are custom magnifying glasses typically made to match their user’s eyes. They are predominantly used by clinicians to see better and treat better.

Due to their bespoke nature, the buying process traditionally involves customers being measured in person by a sales representative, followed by a lengthy production process.

You can see Bryant’s revolutionary Refractives here.

What Does the Measurement Application Mean for the Loupes Industry?

Bryant’s online measurement system allows these sophisticated measurements to be completely automated- giving customers a much more convenient buying option and giving Bryant Dental instant access to the global market.

Built by an in-house team of AI engineers, this patent-pending application uses hundreds of facial points to map the user’s face in real-time.

From this, the application is able to generate a 3D scan and extract 12 highly accurate measurements.

Co-CEO Dr. Priyam Patel said of the application:

“A key value of our business has always been to question the status quo- and improve it where possible. We’re confident that this is the future of loupes- and we’re excited to lead the charge into a tech-driven future.”

What’s Next For Bryant Dental?

Bryant Dental plan to use this patent-pending measurement application to access more markets and sectors over the few months, and bring loupes to thousands more clinicians. They plan to release version 2 of the measurement application, which will include a full spinal scan to assess posture, in 2024.

About Bryant Dental

Bryant Dental is a dentist-led British MedTech start-up which has developed a reputation for disruptive innovation in the industry. One example of this is the launch of their Refractives, a pioneering ergo-loupe, online as an e-commerce product. This was an industry-leading move which has given them access to 20 new countries in just a few months, without distributors or subsidiaries.

This measurement application is the latest in a string of novel releases and has the potential to revolutionise the entire loupes industry.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Sincerely Media on Unsplash.