Branson and Seinfeld Kick Off SIROWORLD 2016



After a full day of innovative educational sessions and once in a lifetime networking opportunities, billionaire entrepreneur and raconteur Sir Richard Branson and legendary comedian and TV star Jerry Seinfeld mesmerized attendees at SIROWORLD 2016.

During his appearance, Branson told stories about his childhood, professed a fondness for elaborate April Fools’ jokes, and described how everyone could do their part to make the world a better place for future generations. He then took questions from members of the audience.

“It was truly incredible to hear him, a globally recognized businessman with his own multimillion-dollar empire, be enthusiastically conversational with those in the audience, said Dr. Tarun Agarwal, founder of 3D Dentists.

Later, Seinfeld had the audience in stitches with an hour of standup material exploring the absurd intricacies of marriage, restaurants, and today’s generation.

“The laughter reverberating throughout the room and through the halls of the venue was sincerely impressive,” said Dr. Mike DiTolla, director of SIROWORLD. “You would’ve thought it was me on stage in there.”

Additional entertainment in the lineup will include motivational speaker and author Connie Podesta and rock band OneRepublic on Friday, followed by a morning workout with Tae Bo founder Billy Blanks and the Ultimate Glow Party on Saturday.

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