BIOMET 3i And Sirona Dental, Inc. Collaborate To Create Digital Solutions



Palm Beach Gardens, FL – (February 21, 2013) – BIOMET 3i announced a new collaboration with Sirona Dental, Inc. that utilizes the BIOMET 3i BellaTek® Encode® Impression System with the CEREC AC with Bluecam and CEREC AC with Omnicam to create intraoral impressions for custom abutments, resulting in simplified aesthetic restorations.

Utilizing these combined technologies, clinicians are able to take an impression of a healing abutment with the use of an intraoral device that will scan embedded codes on the occlusal surface of the abutment, the surrounding soft tissue and adjacent dentition. These codes provide the necessary information to design and mill the definitive abutment. The process is handled supragingivally by utilizing the BellaTek Encode Impression System, so no removal of the healing abutment is required to create the scan.

Greater patient satisfaction may also occur as intraoral scanning eliminates the need for impression material; some patients find this is a more comfortable experience. Patients should also recognize a time savings as the process is shorter than the typical procedure.

Both CEREC Bluecam and CEREC Omnicam are designed for easy access to the dental site. CEREC Bluecam is Sirona’s all-time best selling digital impression camera, and is an ideal solution for any practice wishing to balance precision with maximum productivity. In addition, CEREC Omnicam is powder free for convenience, and has ColorStreaming Technology for confident scanning.

“We are pleased to offer the latest digital solutions, which will lead to aesthetic outcomes for patients,” said Bart Doedens, President of BIOMET 3i. “This new step forward in impression taking offers a win-win experience for clinicians, laboratories and patients.”

“Sirona continually strives to make practicing dentistry easier and more precise for the clinician, while also improving the patient experience,” remarked Roddy MacLeod, Vice President, CAD/CAM for Sirona Dental, Inc. “This timely collaboration with BIOMET 3i is an ideal fit with Sirona’s commitment to continued innovation and exceptional product offerings.”

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