April 2021

Dentistry Today


Introducing a New Digital Imaging System

Dr. Anne L. Koch introduces a digital imaging system that has been designed for all dental practitioners, not just specialists. This new technology is disruptive but also simple and easy to use.

The Endodontic Triad: ‘Dead or Alive?’

Dr. John West opines on The Endodontic Triad—the Holy Grail cornerstone of endodontic treatment, thinking, and doing for 6 decades since the specialty’s formal acceptance. Will technological innovations kill or modify the time-tested Triad, or will disruptive technology give the Triad a rebirth of new aliveness?

3D Printed Crown Lengthening and Reduction Guide

Dr. Faraj Edher and Ms. Ariana Aram highlight an innovative technique utilizing a digital workflow to improve the efficiency and predictability of treatment outcomes.

Guided Ridge Healing With Full-Arch Custom Prosthetics

Drs. Daniel Domingue and N. Cory Glenn focus on the development and shaping of keratinized tissues using a patient’s autogenous plasma-rich fibrin.

Maxillary Tuberosity: An Overlooked Site for Block Grafts Rich in Cortical-Cancellous Bone
Dr. Steven L. Rasner re-examines the tuberosity as a predictable source for the block graft.

SDF Saturation of Carious Proximal Tooth Surfaces

Drs. Theodore P. Croll, Joel H. Berg, and Kevin J. Donly demonstrate the use of soft dental picks to deliver SDF to contacting axial tooth surfaces with the goal of attenuating dental caries lesions and remineralizing enamel.

Unique Treatment for Missing Lateral Incisors
Dr. Sam Halabo presents a conservative treatment for replacing congenitally missing lateral incisors.

Oral Health, COVID-19, and Systemic Considerations

Focus On: Pandemic Fitness for Dentists

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