America’s Top DSOs Team With tab32 to Elevate Dental Care



tab32 has announced that its flagship products are being used by America’s largest and most innovative Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), transforming business operations and patient care from coast to coast.

The country’s premiere DSOs have now used tab32’s platform to track over 13 million appointments, deliver better care to 9 million patients, and manage over 100 million radiology X-rays.

Only tab32 provides the robust cloud technologies that practices and DSOs need to survive and thrive during these challenging times.

The company’s cloud platform incorporates software to manage dental electronic health records (Dental EHR), a robust and flexible Dental Practice Management System (Dental PMS), and powerful Open Data Warehousing to unlock the full value of an organization’s data to elevate both patient care and deliver actionable business insights.

Among the DSOs that have partnered with tab32 are forward-thinking organizations such as:

  • Community Dental Partners, led by co-founder and CEO Emmet Scott, was designed for dentists by dentists who recognized the need to partner with responsible business experts. CDP offers an entirely innovative service option for the dental industry as they partner with dentists so they can preserve, grow, and enjoy their practice even more than they do today.
  • LightWave, which deployed tab32 to support 175 top-tier dentists and 1,000+ employees across 66 dental offices in the mid-Atlantic region. “With tab32, we’ve found a partner that shares our unwavering commitment to quality, values, and people — and that can deliver the future-proof tech our network of practices and dentists need to succeed in 2022 and beyond,” said Justin Jory, founder and CEO at Lightwave.
  • Specialty Dental Brands of Nashville, Tenn., which uses tab32 to synchronize data, streamline patient engagement, and drive revenue growth across its 90+ locations. “We knew we needed to level up our data and practice management capabilities, and we quickly found that tab32 was the only cloud provider capable of delivering Open Data Access to drive actionable business insights for dental practices,” said Michael Schwartz, CEO of Specialty Dental Brands.
  • Full Smile Dental is a full-service dental organization based in the Texas Panhandle that trusts tab32 to keep its team of doctors, dentists, pediatric and cosmetic specialists, and oral surgeons working in unison to deliver seamless care for its patients.
  • Smile Dental Services, an early adopter of tab32, is an organization of affiliated private practice dental offices each of which provides the care and services important to their individual communities. SDS has grown exponentially to now more than 30 locations across California and has most recently expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada.

With a fifth of dental practices now relying on DSOs to streamline their business operations, and industry experts expecting that proportion to rise to almost two-thirds of practices by 2025, there has never been a clearer need for agile, dependable cloud solutions capable of keeping practitioners and administrative teams connected as their organizations grow.

Designed from the ground up to ensure data interoperability and security, while streamlining communication and collaboration for physicians, office staff, and patients, tab32 gives practices and DSOs the futureproof technology they need to grow their operations.

“When we started tab32, we knew that the dental industry was changing fast — but even so, we’ve been startled to see just how quickly DSOs have risen to that challenge. We’re thrilled to be helping forward-looking organizations such as LightWave, Specialty Dental Brands, Full Smile Dental, and many others, to deliver the resilient and flexible operational support needed by today’s dental industry,” said Kiltesh Patel, tab32 CEO. “With our tried and tested cloud technology, DSOs can level up their operations and deliver the innovation and clinical excellence needed to stay ahead in our fast-changing industry.”


Headquartered in Sacramento, California, tab32 is the industry’s #1 technology platform for patient-first cloud dental electronic health record software (Dental EHR), Dental Practice Management System (Dental PMS), and Open Data Warehousing.

DSOs have used tab32 platforms to track 13 million appointments, 9 million patients, and 100 million radiology x-rays, along with 15 million annual patient engagement messaging.

With billions of dollars of annual production revenues managed on the platform, tab32 is developed from the ground up, leveraging modern cloud architecture and design needs for scalability using Google GCP.

The all-in-one cloud platform delivers comprehensive and engaging patient experiences through the entire value-chain of care, allowing dental practices to achieve long-term sustainable growth and profitability. With a leadership team of former researchers, data scientists, and engineers from University of California, tab32 has pioneered many first-to-market innovations such as integrated texting, VoIP, e-forms, mobile payments, cloud imaging, and a Standard Model for open data sharing in dental.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.