AlignerAi Revolutionizes the Clear Aligner Therapy Industry With Their Patent-Pending AI



Dr. Anil Chowdhary, DMD, in Fremont, CA, is raising the standard of care in the clear aligner therapy industry with his new company, AlignerAi. As an AI healthcare platform revolutionizing an industry that hasn’t seen innovative technology in over 20 years, Dr. Chowdhary believes that now is the time.


As a dentist, he saw more and more patients at his clinical practice having repeated issues with aligner therapy, and he knew that there were some real problems, including low success rates, more treatment revisions meaning more chair time, many more aligners, and extended treatment times with high burnout, and many patients still requiring wires and brackets.

One day, he had an epiphany.

“Everyone thought that the problems with aligner therapy could be fixed by just changing the plastic, but I realized that the biggest problem with aligner therapy treatment was that there was no way to track and monitor the progress remotely and in real-time,” said Dr. Chowdhary.

To fix the problem, he assembled a team of experts in technology, AI, science, orthodontics, dentistry, insurance, and marketing, and AlignerAi was born.

AlignerAi Differentiators:

  • AI remote tracking and monitoring in real-time
  • Four patents pending
  • Reduced chair time by 3.5 visits
  • STL treatment revisions without scanning
  • App gamification (to prevent patient burnout)

AlignerAi was recently accepted into the exclusive equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine, championed by “Mr. Wonderful,” aka Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s Shark Tank.

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