ADA Standard on Treating Biofilm in Waterlines Available for Comment

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The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products has approved the proposed revision of ADA Standard No. 167 for Test Methods for Dental Unit Waterline Biofilm Treatment for circulation and comment.

The standard provides test methods for evaluating the effectiveness of treatment methods intended to prevent or inhibit the formation of biofilm or remove biofilm present in dental unit water-delivery systems under laboratory conditions.

To assist in evaluating treatment methods in a clinical setting, the committee’s working group has developed a test using a model apparatus. The revised standard includes a new appendix that describes the model test apparatus and testing procedures.

The draft standard is available by calling (800) 621-8099, ext. 2506, or emailing The comment deadline is March 6.

The ADA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute to develop national standards for products and information technology used by the dental profession and consumers. There are more than 90 national standards, with more under development.

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