ADA Partners With CAQH to Streamline Credentialing

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The ADA and the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) will work together to streamline the credentialing process for dentists, dental plans, and employers. Powered by CAQH ProView, the ADA credentialing service enables dentists to enter their professional and practice information once in a digital platform designed to be easy to use, fast, and protected.

“We hope the days of dentists submitting multiple credentialing applications are coming to an end,” said Joseph Crowley, DDS, ADA president elect. “This collaboration is a great opportunity for all dentists to simplify the business of dentistry through a smart, efficient solution that’s currently in use by more than 1.4 million other healthcare providers and over 900 participating organizations.”   

Any practicing dentist in the United States can participate by visiting and selecting “My Credential.” By accepting the terms and conditions, dentists will be redirected to the CAQH ProView Welcome Page. There, they will see certain prepopulated information from the ADA or the information attested to previously, making it easier and quicker to complete and attest.

Once a profile is complete and attested, dentists grant permission to the dental plans and other participating organizations they choose to access their data. The information can be used for credentialing as well as for provider directories, network adequacy, and other business needs. More than a dozen dental payers already participate in CAQH ProView.

“Collaboration is a hallmark of all CAQH initiatives,” said Robin Thomashauer, CAQH executive director. “Our alliance with the ADA will reduce the costs and administrative burdens for both dentists and dental plans alike and further establishes CAQH ProView as the healthcare industry’s go-to choice for collecting and sharing provider data.”

Dentists can update their information anytime. Automatic reminders will encourage dentists to review and attest to their information every 120 days so profiles remain timely and accurate. The system also will prompt users if their licenses or other documentation are about to expire.

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