AAE Launches Advocacy Website

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The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) has launched the web-based AAE Advocacy Action Center, designed to amplify the voice of dentists who practice the specialty. 

“As the global resource for endodontists, other dental professionals, and patients, the AAE advocates for one standard of endodontic practice, an enhanced understanding of the dental specialty, and ensuring the best patient outcomes through treatment planning and referral to specialists when appropriate,” said AAE president Keith V. Krell, DDS, MS, MA.

“The AAEs Advocacy Action Center will help strengthen efforts to support quality care for patients by providing resources that empower AAE members to take action on critical health policy matters,” Krell said.

The AAE Advocacy Center is meant to help educate endodontists about important policy issues and empower them to act, the AAE reports. It features updates about healthcare matters and the endodontic specialty. Also, it offers effective tools to help members communicate with lawmakers and other stakeholders, according to the AAE. It offers a variety of other resources like the AAE’s position statements, guidelines, and treatment standard as well.

“The AAE Advocacy Action Center was created by the AAE to help ensure endodontists have a say on critical policy matters that effect better patient outcomes and dentistry,” said Krell. “We are excited to leverage this new tool as Congress returns to Washington and look forward to advocating on behalf of the endodontic specialty and the hundreds of thousands of patients endodontists treat.”

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