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The WaveOne Gold family of products provides a comprehensive treatment solution to promote confidence and predictable shape. Read on to learn more about WaveOne Gold shaping files, the WaveOne Gold single glidepath file (WaveOne Gold Glider), X-Smart IQ, and GuttaCore for WaveOne Gold. Together, these products provide the solution you need for your endodontic cases.

WaveOne Gold brings to the endodontic procedure a metallurgically advanced single-file technique for shaping canals. Further, we optimized the tip diameters, the tapers, and the cross-section to produce a file that improves safety, efficiency, and flexibility when preparing canals. WaveOne Gold shaping files are available in four sizes with three working lengths (21, 25, 31 mm) to treat a wide range of cases. Simply put, WaveOne Gold takes simplicity and treatment success to another level. Additional benefits of this new line of files include:

  • Enhanced design features, created by leading endodontists
  • Increased patient safety*
  • Reduced shaping time across a wide range of cases**
  • Ability to cover a wider range of canal morphologies
  • Use of a single file per treatment, meaning time savings for canal shaping and irrigation

The WaveOne Gold family also includes a single glidepath file with reciprocating motion for simplicity from the start—straightforward for you, safe for patients. The WaveOne Gold Glider optimizes your glide path before shaping with WaveOne Gold Primary.

X-Smart IQ is a continuous and reciprocating cordless motor controlled by an Apple iOS application, designed to support you through every step of your endodontic process. The X-Smart IQ is pre-programmed for use with WaveOne Gold products.

Dedicated WaveOne Gold obturation products include paper points, variable tapered gutta-percha points, and obturators. This includes GuttaCore for WaveOne Gold, where the predictability of WaveOne Gold shaping is paired perfectly with the three-dimensional fill of GuttaCore. GuttaCore for WaveOne Gold obturators are sized and color-coded to precisely match its namesake file system, so you can shape and obturate with confidence. Complete your WaveOne Gold system with GuttaCore for WaveOne Gold.

For more information, please consult our website, dentsplysirona.com/waveonegold, or call (800) 662-1202.

*compared to WaveOne
**internal laboratory testing results