A “Bulletproof” Solution for Practice Transformation, Dr. Craig Spodak Joins Candid

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Dr. Craig Spodak is a highly successful dentist based in Delray Beach, FL. When he’s not treating patients, you can find him piloting aircraft, co-hosting the popular “Bulletproof Dental Practice” podcast, and lecturing nationwide on enhancing team culture and business performance in dental practices. He’s spent his career reimagining dentistry. Now, he’s joining Candid as they expand their mission of bringing affordable, high-quality clear aligner treatment to practitioners across the country via their CandidPro product.

As the newest CandidPro Faculty member, Dr. Spodak will help the company’s clinical partners meet the growing demand for clear aligners by fine-tuning their business models and practice structures to focus on Candid’s unique brand of whole-mouth dental care.

“When I started practicing dentistry 21 years ago, I wanted to revolutionize the profession,” says Spodak. “Candid is leading the charge by helping dentists take on more clear aligner cases than ever before. We’re democratizing the clinical standards needed to transform the industry.”

With the global clear aligner market expected to reach $10.04 billion by 2028, dental practices are increasingly aware of how profitable it is to increase their clear aligner caseloads.

According to Dr. Spodak, clear aligner orthodontics represents a significant knowledge gap for the profession.

“In dental school, you focus on immediate concerns like cavities and periodontal disease,” he says. “You also spend a lot of time learning about proper teeth positions and bite. What’s missing is how to move a patient’s teeth into a healthy position. Candid makes the process of moving teeth easier than any clear aligner solution on the market—which is great for doctors and even better for patients.”

Training to move teeth in a clinically responsible manner takes years of hands-on experience. Dental programs, however, may spend as little as one day on the subject. As a result, many dentists lack the clinical confidence to scale their clear aligner cases.

CandidPro allays dentists’ confidence concerns with a standard, patent-pending prescription—CandidRx—built to treat the majority of malocclusions from mild to complex, and support provided by experienced orthodontists. Additionally, CandidPro offers careful oversight into patients’ progress without impacting chair time via their remote CandidMonitoring platform.

“We’re building a movement that empowers dentists with the tools and support they need to meet the growing patient demand for clear aligners,” says Candid’s Senior Vice President, Brian Ganey. “Our approach gives our partners everything they need to take on more cases and drive explosive growth.”

For Dr. Spodak, Candid’s potential to transform practices is just part of the equation.

“Clear aligner treatments are often considered cosmetic, but the conditions they treat represent wide-ranging, long-term health concerns,” says Spodak. “Candid is poised to help an unprecedented number of patients live healthier lives while helping dentists access this highly-profitable market segment.”

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Candid is a cutting-edge clear aligner orthodontic system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for doctors and patients. Since 2020, Candid has brought high-quality clear aligners and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across the United States.

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