3-D CBCT SYSTEM – Suni Medical Imaging



The Suni-3D HD is the only small field of view 3-D CBCT system for the dental and endodontic markets designed for affordability and high-definition images. It boasts the lowest price in the market ever for 3-D systems, providing entry into 3-D imaging at a price never before seen in the US market. It is designed with a 5- x 5-cm focused field of view, making it ideal for endodontic and implant procedures. This small field of view provides only the information you need, meaning lower doses of radiation for the patient and less liability for the doctor. The system, which can be upgraded to include a panoramic imaging sensor should future needs dictate, has an 0.08 voxel size, among the elite voxel sizes currently in the profession, providing image definition and anatomical landmarks that cannot be seen by traditional 2-D imaging. For more information, call (800) 438-7864 or visit suni.com.