Numbness in the mouth after dental work can be embarrassing and annoying. Eating, drinking, and speaking are awkward, and patients feel like their face is distorted. You can give them relief from numbness and return to sensation in half the time with Oraverse. It's not recommended for use in children less than age 6 years or weighing less than 33 lbs. For more information, visit oraverse.com.


ANTISEPTIC RINSE - Sunstar Americas

G∙U∙M PerioShield Oral Health Rinse is an innovative aid for the prevention and treatment of gingivitis. It is a nonbactericidal rinse with a unique mechanism of action—it coats the teeth and gingiva to create an invisible protective shield. The formation of biofilm is disrupted, making it easier to remove. For more information, call (800) 528-8537 or visit the Web site gumbrand.com.


BUR KIT - SS White Burs

The Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit is configured to efficiently provide less invasive, more comfortable caries preparation options for patients. The kit features Fissurotomy burs for hidden caries exploration in enamel and Smartburs II for safe caries removal in dentin. Both instruments eliminate the need for anesthetic in most Class I, II, and V cavity preparations, compared to use of conventional carbide burs. For more information, call (800) 535-2877 or visit sswhiteburs.com.



SNAP Instant Cosmetic Simulation software is designed to increase your cosmetic revenue from the very first day you use it. From small enhancements to a complete smile design, you can instantly create a digital smile makeover that motivates patients to accept treatment and schedule their appointment. SNAP is user-friendly, requires virtually no training, and comes with a no-risk guarantee. For more information, call (866) 987-7627.



CEREC Software 4.0 represents a major re-engineering of the CEREC software platform. It derives the full potential of the CEREC AC Acquisition unit and its Bluecam imaging technology. CEREC Software 4.0's highly intuitive graphical user interface, coupled with multitooth simultaneous design, enables a new level of productivity and an easier transition to multitooth dentistry. For more information, visit cereconline.com.


FILES - SybronEndo

With SybronEndo's Twisted Files, endodontic procedures can be performed faster, safer, and with fewer files than other rotary Ni-Ti file systems. Efficient cutting files, they are highly flexible and very strong. SybronEndo's patented production process eliminates the microfractures found in ground files that cause file separation. Twisted Files are available in a variety of tapers, lengths, and tip sizes. For more information, call (800) 346-3636 or visit sybronendo.com.



BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is an all-in-one flowable base, liner, and restorative approved for all classes. Mechanical properties rival leading composites. It has stackable handling that actually stays where you put it. Self-leveling consistency reduces voids and simplifies polishing. Sustained fluoride release and recharge is ideal for high caries index patients. For more information, call (800) 827-4638 or visit shofu.com.



Riva Light Cure is a resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative. It has the strength, the chemical adhesion, the fluoride release, and the biocompatibility that you require. Furthermore, it has brilliant aesthetics to give your restorations lifelike qualities. Riva Light Cure now comes in a new and improved short body capsule design that is easier than ever to activate. For more information, call (800) 228-5166 or visit sdi.com.au.



SuniRay digital radiography system is the favorite among dental practitioners for how easily and quickly it captures and analyzes dental radiographs. This portable intraoral device displays crisp images even in the toughest areas with its ergonomic design, ensuring easy positioning and optimal patient comfort. Also, Suni implemented a dental sharing service across the United States where you can easily share images with anyone. For more information, call or visit suni.com.


OPERATORY LIGHT - Seiler Precision Microscopes

You can outshine the competition with the ultimate in illumination systems: Seiler's Plasma light source for dental microscopy. It's nearly 3 times as bright as an LED or halogen light. The Plasma is more than 100,000 lux, has a temperature of slightly more than 6,000K, and a bulb life of approximately 10,000 hours. For more information, call (800) 489-2282.



The Statim has become the profession standard for fast, effective, and gentle sterilization cycles. The Statim 2000 and 5000 can run a complete unwrapped cycle in under 9 minutes while a wrapped cycle will be completed in less than 15 minutes. Any model will not rust or corrode expensive delicate dental instrumentation. For more information, call (800) 572-1211.



Suntech Full Zirconia crowns and bridges are an affordable, durable, and aesthetic alternative to full cast crowns and bridges. The anatomical features, size, and shape of a Suntech Full Zirconia crown or bridge are designed from the scan of a model or from an STL file. The restoration is then milled. Once the desired shade is established, the crown is hand-stained and glazed in the United States. For more information, call (866) 561-9777.


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