CAD/CAD SYSTEM - D4D Technologies

E4D Compass is the first and only native chairside implant and restorative planning and communication software that combines cone beam data with intraoral scans for restorative-driven implant planning right in your office. It imports data from the leading cone beam systems and aligns the data with scans of the operative field via an E4D Dentist scan of hard and soft tissues, models, or impressions. For more information, call (877) 293-4945 or visit e4d.com.



SureFil SDR flow posterior bulk-fill flowable base, the most successful bulk-fill flowable composite that saves up to 40% in placement time, is now available in a syringe delivery and offers expanded indications for use, including conservative Class I, pit and fissure sealants, and filling of defects and undercuts in crown, inlay, and onlay preparations. For more information, call (800) 532-2855 or visit surefilsdrflow.com.


HANDPIECE - DentalEZ Group

StarDental now offers the Solara QT and Solara QT L. The newly designed Solaras offer new sound-dampening technology, more power, and lightweight control. The small head size of the Solara model (10.5 mm), improves overall access and maneuverability, while providing strong, fast, controlled cutting. Bifurcated solid cellular glass-rod fiber optics increase light output. The Solara weighs only 32 g for reduced hand and wrist fatigue. For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO or visit dentalez.com.


HYDRO-ABRASION SYSTEM - Danville Materials

The Prepstart is one of the world's leaders in air abrasion. The H2O Prepstart sprays a conical jet of water surrounding the abrasive stream, capturing virtually all the dust. The water tank is removable for easy filling. It is available as a complete system or as an easily retrofitted accessory for all existing Prepstarts. For more information, call (800) 827-7940 or visit danvillematerials.com.



Honigum Pro is powered by GPS Technology and is the only impression material with Directional Intelligence, enabling it to show dynamic viscosity when placed under pressure. The Flexible Working Time formulation offers greater control, while extreme hydrophilicity and rapid snap-set reduce voids, impression errors, and micromovement distortions. For more information, call (800) 662-6383 or visit dmg-america.com.



In case you have not heard, Articadent (articaine 4% HCl with epinephrine) is the articaine injectable anesthetic that is a great articaine option. If you do not currently use an articaine product, give Articadent a try. If you are currently using articaine injectables, Articadent is a great choice to fill your articaine anesthetic needs. For more information, call (800) 989-8826 or visit dentsplypharma.com.



The new DentalVibe Gen II features many advances over the previous model. It has twice the power, increasing the amplitude at the vibrating tip. This leads to greater sensory nerve stimulation, enhancing the pain blocking effect. Its new white tip increases visibility within the oral cavity, as does the super-bright LED illumination that provides optimal illumination. For more information, call (877) 503-VIBE (8423) or visit dentalvibe.com.


LED LIGHT - DentLight

The award-winning Nano has the ideal combination of size and power in clinical, shadow-free illumination. It is one of the smallest, most comfortable loupe lights with 2 digital battery packs half the size of other lights. It fits on all eyewear for increased vision, efficiency, and profitability, in addition to better oral care for your patient. For more information, call (800) 763-6901 or visit dentlight.com.


MATRIX SYSTEMS - Directa Dental

The CoForm matrix system is an innovative kit of preformed celluloid plastic transparent matrices specifically designed to restore realistic shape and form to composite restorations that replace incisal edges and fractured teeth. The preformed anatomical matrices are available in 4 sizes that accommodate most clinical situations: anteriors, cuspids, and first molars. The handy clinical dispenser simplifies size and shape selection. For more information, call (800) 284-3368 or visit directadental.com.



Dentrix Mobile provides fast, secure access to patient details, appointments, medical alerts, and prescriptions. Designed to access the latest version of Dentrix G4, it runs on the most popular smartphones and mobile devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, and Android. Best of all, Dentrix Mobile is included with your Dentrix Customer Service Plan at no additional cost. For more information, call (800) DENTRIX.


OPERATORY SYSTEM - Dansereau Health Products

The Universal Operatory has become the operatory of choice when the dentist needs availability of right and left use. The AM3 dental chair comes in more than 150 color choices, including Ultra­leather. The delivery system is a radius system that will easily convert from right to left, even with the patient in the dental chair. For more information, call (800) 423-5657 or visit the Web site dhpdental.com.



Ideal for splint setups, postorthodontic retainers, frameworks for composite bridges, and stress-free posts, Dentapreg represents a new generation of preimpregnated light-curing reinforcing tapes. When using Dentapreg, it's not necessary to impregnate the tapes with resin before use, thereby creating a simple and time-efficient procedure for both the dentist and technician, saving costs and increasing caseloads. For more information, visit dentapreg.com.



Whether for temporization or removable aesthetics, Snap-On Smile provides the stability, function, and beauty every patient wants, redefining provisional performance. It's tooth-borne and totally noninvasive, easy to prescribe, and eliminates uncomfortable and messy temporaries or complicated procedures requiring extensive chairtime. Patients love its comfort and aesthetics. For more information, call (800) 445-0345.



ShortCut is an innovative solution to the problems dentists and assistants face when using retraction cord in a bottle. ShortCut offers an all-in-one delivery system for retraction cord. The cutter is built in, so there is no need for sterile scissors to be handy and the same amount of cord dispenses each time with a simple click. It is easy to use and avoids cord tangles, cord getting lost into the bottle, and/or falling to the floor. For more information, visit duxdental.com.


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