The new RadioLASE 3 generator comes with more power and smoother operation than previous Radiolase machines. It enables dentists and oral surgeons to cut and coagulate soft tissues with extreme precision. Operating at 4.0 MHz, it minimizes heat dissipation and cellular alteration, giving you the precision you require with the versatility you need. For more information, call (800) 835-5355.


ENDODONTIC HANDPIECE - Essential Dental Systems

The Endo-Express reciprocating handpiece and the SafeSiders make rotary irrelevant. You can eliminate the fear of fracture associated with crown-down systems and the typical shortcomings of the step-back process. Unlike rotary, reciprocation prevents binding by engaging dentin only during clockwise rotation. Counterclockwise rotation disengages from the dentin. You can save money by replacing instruments because they dull and not because you fear they will break. For more information, call (800) 22-FLEXI or visit edsdental.com.



The new generation of EXACTA Temp Xtra is here. By taking the successful original formula and utilizing new nanoparticle technology, EXACTA Temp Xtra provisionals are now stronger and appear more natural. It is ideal for single units and yet strong enough for long span bridges. Its high gloss, enamel-like finish makes aesthetically pleasing provisionals. For more information, call (800) 474-7665.


WHITENING SYSTEM - Evolve Dental Technologies

The new KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching Hydremide Peroxide formulation now requires less chair time and less cost. It promises the whitest teeth every time, with a satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee. Renowned for its ability to whiten even tetracycline-stained teeth, it provides predictable, permanent "wow" results for all of your patients. The unique desensitizing system, used in office and at home, instantaneously occludes dentinal tubules. For more information, call (866) 763-7753 or visit korwhitening.com.

16th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase