Zest Anchors

The LOCATOR attachment for overdentures is designed with the primary benefits of ease of insertion and removal, customizable levels of retention, low vertical profile, and durability. The most critical design feature is its innovative ability to pivot, which increases its resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces an attachment must withstand, and allows it to compensate for up to 40° of implant divergence. In addition, its dual-retention feature, which includes inside and outside retention, ensures long-lasting performance and provides twice the amount of retention surface area compared to other attachments. Today, LOCATOR has become the overdenture attachment that is embraced by clinicians worldwide. It is currently available for more than 350 different implants produced by more than 70 manufacturers, meaning almost any implant platform has a compatible LOCATOR attachment to fit. For more information, call (800) 262-2310 or visit zestanchors.com.

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