Atlas Implants with the patented denture comfort technique expand the patient population eligible for treatment. The tapered, one-piece implant design eliminates the microgap, which is related to cres­tal bone loss, facilitates one-stage surgery, provides immediate restoration, and is more conducive to a flapless implant placement. Addition­ally, utilizing a minimally invasive, flapless procedure with an immediate restoration eliminates many postoperative challenges, as well as reducing total treatment time. The Tuf-Link reline provides for an individualized custom fit every time, the first time. This material offers cushioned support designed to maximally engage the dome-shaped head to achieve clinically significant retention even in less than ideal conditions. Addi­tionally, the silicone-based reline provides retention without rigidity, thereby reducing unwanted lateral forces. This further increases integration potential, ultimately protecting the implant. For more information, call (800) 323-3136 or visit the Web site

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