´╗┐The revolutionary Endo Rescue Kit (Kit 4601) reduces the risk of post-endodontic complications due to instrument fracture. Engineered for quick and simple removal of fractured rotary Ni-Ti instruments, the set provides access to the root canal, allowing the fractured instrument to be removed. Initially, an endodontic tungsten carbide bur (H269GK.315.016) enlarges the pulp cavity for enhanced vision. A center drill (G180A.204.110/G180.204.090) then excavates the last few millimeters of the canal, offering access to the broken instrument. The RKP.204.090 drill exposes the instrument's surface, and an extremely fine trepan bur (RKT.204.090) is placed onto the fragment, seizing and holding it in place using dentinal residue. The broken file is then removed from the canal in a counter-clockwise motion. The kit also includes a manual screw (150.155.000) for those who prefer to remove the fragments without using a handpiece. For more information, call (888) 566-3887 or visit komet-usa.com.


Top 25 Endodontic Products 2012