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´╗┐The Smart Endodontics system offers both warm and cold obturation solutions. For those preferring warm vertical compaction, the cordless HotTip features 4 heat settings and 8 highly flexible plugger sizes. Tips reach temperature and cool down in just a few seconds. You can backfill with the cordless HotShot device and compact warm GP with EndoPax hand pluggers. HotTip is also great for trimming the back end of GP points in cold lateral operations, as well as for eliminating voids during warm backfill applications. For those preferring cold carrier-based solutions, SimpliFill utilizes a 5-mm Apical Plug on the end of a removable carrier. The hydraulic force created by the advancing plug quickly and effectively seals apical spaces with both GP and sealer. SimpliFill saves time when posts are placed and, when no post is needed, the HotShot is used to backfill the remaining space. For more information, call (800) 817-3636 or visit discusdental.com.

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