NX3 XTR combines the versatility of NX3 Nexus third-generation universal dental cement with the adhesion superiority of OptiBond XTR self-etch dental bonding agent. The result: an entirely new standard in effortless excess cement removal, lasting aesthetics, high adhesion, and minimal postoperative sensitivity. You can experience easy cleanup today by purchasing a kit. For more information, call (800) KERR-123 or visit kerrdental.com.


KöR Whitening

Developed by dentist and whitening science expert Dr. Rod Kurthy, the KöR Whitening System is unchallenged as the most effective teeth whitening system available. Based on the laws of physics and chemistry, the system relies on scientific principles to achieve whitening results that are unmatched. As the only whitening company to continuously refrigerate an entire line of whitening products from the moment of manufacture until dentists receive them cold, KöR Whitening gels do not contain chemical stabilizers that can cause sensitivity. Continuous refrigeration also gives the gels an exceptional shelf life of up to 24 months. From difficult cases like tetracycline, fluorosis, or geriatric staining to patients with average tooth color, there’s a KöR Whitening solution for any patient. It is the only whitening company in the world to offer a 100%-satisfaction money-back guarantee. For more information, call (866) 763-7753 or visit the Web site evolvedental.com/results.


Kuraray America

Panavia SA Cement has been designed to combine bond strength and simplicity into one dual-cure, self-adhesive product. With the addition of Kuraray’s proprietary MDP, there is no need for a bonding agent when using this cement. The simplicity feature stands out during the cleanup process. The cement is also incredibly easy to remove at the margins, leaving no room for damage to the gum tissue or the restoration itself. The cement, in syringe format, is available in either automix or hand mix to fit the needs of each patient and practice. For more information, call (800) 879-1676 or visit kuraraydental.com.


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