New Health Warning for Treats

Some biscuits and cookies may pose problems that you wouldn’t think about at first.

Many people are aware of the sugar issues that stem from the treats but new research suggests these items may contain more salt than salted popcorn or chicken nuggets. If children consume the treats regularly, that may be at risk for overconsuming salt.

In addition to the many known problems caused by sugary food, such as diabetes, tooth decay, etc., the salt content is producing other issues. Too much salt consumption may result in high blood pressure and eventually heart disease or stroke.

It was discovered in the United Kingdom that 100 types of biscuits possessed the same amount or more salt when compared to popular brands of popcorn. The total was 0.9 mg of salt per 100 g.

Cheese Could Combat Cavities

More cheese, milk and other dairy products are what you need to fight cavities.

That’s what a new study in the May/June issue of General Dentistry indicates. The way the mouth reacts after consuming these dairy products serves to protect the teeth from cavities.

A study involving 68 subjects was conducted among people aged 12 to 15. The researchers analyzed the dental plaque pH in the subjects’ mouths prior to and after consuming cheese, milk or sugar-free yogurt. A pH lower than 5.5 makes a person vulnerable to tooth erosion. A pH larger than 5.5 puts at a much lower risk for having cavities.

The study participants were randomly assigned to a group. The first group ate cheddar cheese, the next group drank milk and the final group at sugar-free yogurt. The products were consumed for 3 minutes and then the people swished water around their mouth. After that, pH levels were taken at 10, 20 and 30 minutes after consumption.

Teeth Whitening Permitted by Nondentists in North Carolina

You officially don’t have to be a dentist in North Carolina to perform teeth whitening.

The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners lost an appeal to the US Federal Trade Commission that backed the rights of nondentists to perform teeth whitening tasks. The U.S. Court of Appeals made this decision on May 31.

The original complaint stemmed from June 2010, when the board sent numerous letters to try to block the nondentists from performing teeth whitening based on the idea that the nondentists were performing illegal dentistry. The board also did all it could to stop the nondentists from opening teeth whitening businesses.

Half of World’s Population Needs Better Oral Health

Nearly 4 billion people have bad teeth. That would be roughly one of every 2 people in the world.

The information comes from Queen Mary, University of London. The dental school conducted a recent study on the matter.

The study was done during a three-year period. It also concluded that dental diseases have risen by 20 percent during the last 20 years.

The top reason for the increase in oral diseases stems from the rise in the world’s population. The dental problems are only exacerbated by the increase in life expectancy.

Many people go with untreated toothaches that are so severe the people can’t eat or sleep. There are even more people with small cavities or minor cases of gum disease.

Experts Warn South Koreans About Cosmetic Jaw Surgery

South Koreans have recently gone to a new extreme for aesthetic purposes. The current trend sweeping through the country among women is a procedure to reduce the jaw size.

But dental experts want people to know the danger associated with such a procedure. The specifics include cutting the jawbone tissue to realign the upper and lower jaws, with the goal being to make the face look smaller.

There are advertisements throughout the country portraying the enhanced beauty that results from the surgery. These ads never mention the unnecessary harmful situation these women are putting themselves in.

The problems with the surgery stem from the fact that it changes the entire bone structure of the face. It’s much more drastic than even Botox or a nose job.

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