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Teeth Developed Thanks to Evolution

Evolutionary copycats eventually developed tooth-like structures independent from other vertebrates.

The new revelation appears in Nature and was discovered by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Previous conventional wisdom suggested that our skeleton and its characteristic bony tissues stemmed from predators that were called conodonts. The skeleton, however, came from our mud-slurping relatives who developed a type of bony armor to defend themselves against predators.

The researchers analyzed the tooth-like skeleton of conodonts by utilizing advanced x-ray systems. The results indicated that the tooth-like structures came from the conodonts’ evolutionary lineage instead of a common ancestor between vertebrates and them.

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Pets Need Dental Care Too

Humans aren’t the only ones who need to maintain dental care.

Pets need but don’t often receive the requisite dental care to have solid oral health. As a result, many studies indicate that dogs have some type of gum disease. This stems from the fact most dog owners pay little to no attention to cleaning their dog’s teeth on a regular basis.

Gum disease can prevent a dog from being able to chew properly, in addition to causing pain and systemic health issues.

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Women More Disgusted by Dental Treatment than Men

Women are more easily grossed out at the dentist than men, according to a recent study. The study indicated that, on average, women are six times more disgusted at the dentist than men are.

The information was determined after having men and women view photographs of dental treatment and procedures.

Women with a dental phobia found it challenging to keep their emotions in check when viewing these images. For people without a dental phobia, however, men and women had similar reactions to the photographs.

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Dentists Aid in Repeal of Medical-Device Tax

Manufacturers against a medical-device tax received just the help they needed in their bid to overturn the laws.

Members of the American Dental Association are pushing Congress to repeal the 2.3 percent medical-device tax aspect of the Affordable Care Act. The Americans for Tax Reform and the National Association of Manufacturers also are helping the campaign.

More than two-thirds of dentists belong to their state dental associations, which feed into the ADA. Dentists are also political donors and some are even in Congress.

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Innovative Surgery Enables Blind Man to See Again

A blind British man is no longer blind.

Ian Tibbetts can see again after surgeons performed a new procedure that drills a hole in one of his teeth and places a lens there. The lens is eventually implanted in the eye.

Tibbetts became blind in 1999 after a piece of metal from an oven hit him in the eye. His sight eventually dissipated to the point that he couldn’t see much of anything. He could only distinguish shadowy lines when looking at his children.

But now, thanks to this procedure, he can see again. He had this particular surgery after other treatments were unsuccessful. It is estimated that about 40 percent of his sight has returned.

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