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Illegal Dentistry Possibly Resulted in Canadian Health Issue

About 1,500 dental patients may need to see a doctor.

A certification board in British Columbia issued a warning after Tung Shen Wu—also known as David Wu—was declared unqualified to practice dentistry, according to the College of Surgeons of British Columbia.

The college raided Wu’s bedroom, which was used as this illegal clinic. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation obtained video showing dirty and unorganized conditions, dusty shelves and a lack of sterilized water, among other problems.

It’s conceivable that the patients—mainly Chinese-Canadians—were exposed to HIV and hepatitis B or C. These patients were urged to be tested for these diseases.

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Improper Pacifier Cleaning Could Lead to Dental Decay

Parents need to be careful with their children’s pacifiers. If not, dental decay could be the result.

Numerous studies show that dental decay can be transmitted to a child when an adult sucks on the pacifier to clean it.

A recent study in the journal Pediatrics goes into detail about this issue. There are few, if any, immunizing effects from adult saliva. Therefore, licking or sucking something to clean it off does nothing to get rid of germs.

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Fruit Drinks Try to Fool Potential Consumers

Health experts don’t want consumers to fall into the trap.

Companies that make fruit drinks try to vouch for the health qualities of their drinks but, in most cases, there usually aren’t any. The high sugar content in these drinks often leads to tooth decay, diabetes or obesity.

The marketing strategies of many of these manufacturers lead parents to believe that the fruit aspect of the drinks gives the drinks a quality of health. In actuality, these drinks are unhealthy as can be. Some of these drinks have the same amount of sugar, if not more, when compared to soda.

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Experts Say All Types of Dental Care Safe During Pregnancy

There’s no need for pregnant women to worry about dental treatment or x-rays.

A U.S. obstetrician/gynecologist group stated that these dental procedures are completely safe. The group also recommended ob-gyns to perform dental health tests during a woman’s first prenatal visit. This helps spur patients to routinely visit the dentist during pregnancy.

Since oral health problems could lead to heart disease, diabetes or countless other problems, it’s essential for women to see the dentist during pregnancy.

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Nebraska Could Use More Dentists

If you have a cavity, rural Nebraska isn’t the place to be.

More than half of the 93 counties in Nebraska don’t have enough dentists, according to a report from the Center for Health Policy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The report indicates that 20 counties don’t have a single dentist and 31 more counties only have one or two dentists. The future looks even bleaker, with 39 percent of dentists in the state approaching retirement.

To reverse this problem, it’s essential for the state to find ways to create incentives for dentists to open a practice in one of the underserved areas.

The state currently has programs that provide dental students with $20,000 to work in underserved areas but that is well below the going rate for such things.

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