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Wolverine Undergoes Root Canal

A wolverine will have four root canals performed on it by veterinary dentists in Winnipeg, according to CBC News.

The wolverine is considered one of the fiercest animals in the world. This wolverine is an 11-year-old from Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park Zoo.

The veterinarians found the dental problems last month when treating the animal for another problem. They discovered the teeth issue and realized the animal needed a lot of work.

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Taking Care of Children’s Teeth Starts Early

Early childhood caries can impact children who are not even 1-year-old. “Baby bottle tooth decay” is one of the largest chronic diseases for children in Canada.

There were about 15 percent of children from British Columbia who showed visible signs of tooth decay and about 20 percent had fillings last year.

These problems are serious. The children are forced to deal with pain, difficulty sleeping and eating, and facial swelling that may lead to emergency room visits. Anesthesia is sometimes needed during these visits, which makes the cost skyrocket. These costs wouldn’t occur if children visited the dentist earlier and more often.

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Conventional Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth Confirmed

Having wisdom teeth removed during young adulthood not only improves dental and oral health, but may also reduce the chance of illness later in life, according to research from American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), surgeons, and academics.

The evidence-based data confirmed what dentists and health professionals have been telling patients for years: having your wisdom teeth removed while you are young helps you stay healthy. Even when wisdom teeth are not diseased or symptomatic when they come into the oral cavity, their position and location in the mouth makes them difficult to keep clean and supports the accumulation and spread of harmful bacteria, which can lead to more serious conditions later in life. Importantly, the local and systemic health implications of asymptomatic wisdom teeth are far broader than previously thought.

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Calcium Supplements During Pregnancy May Prevent Tooth Decay

A recent study has demonstrated that a woman who takes calcium supplements while she is pregnant may help children’s teeth. The new study suggests that if a woman takes calcium supplements during her pregnancy, they may help to prevent tooth decay.

The recent study was conducted in Argentina. It followed 195 children, whose mothers were chosen at random to receive a placebo or a calcium supplement, up until their 12th birthday.

The new study revealed that the children whose mothers who took the calcium supplement had a 27 percent reduction on filled or missing teeth and in tooth decay in both the permanent and primary teeth.

The result of the study suggests that taking a calcium supplement while a woman is pregnant is provides prolonged protection throughout childhood.

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Doctors Find Tooth Lodged in Former Miner’s Ear

Doctors have been left mystified after finding a tooth lodged in a man’s ear.

Stephen Hirst, an ex-miner, suffered from an excruciating earache for 33 years and was partially deaf because a tooth was lodged in his ear canal, it has been revealed. The 47-year-old also suffered severe headaches and was unable to sleep properly for several years. Despite numerous visits to his GP and various ear, nose and throat units, nobody could find the cause of Hirst’s pain until he gave it one last shot and arranged to see a doctor at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

The team at the hospital was determined to unearth the cause of the pain and the tooth was finally removed using a suction tube and a pair of tweezers. The nurse in charge of the procedure was apparently completely shocked to find a tooth in Hirst’s ear canal and doctors are puzzled as to how the tooth managed to end up in the ear. The situation is made all the more mysterious because Hirst has not had any teeth for several years.

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