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NY-based Allcare Dental Chain Closes Unexpectedly

A New York-based dental chain unexpectedly shut down operations nationwide because of cash-flow problems, leaving patients without access to their records and offices unreachable by phone or computer.

Patients reported going to Allcare Dental & Dentures offices for scheduled appointments beginning Monday only to find the doors closed in states including New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and New Hampshire.

Gabe Williams of Dayton, Ohio, said he paid more than $3,000 in advance for dental work but was locked out Monday when he showed up for an appointment that the company had rescheduled from Dec. 30.

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Tooth Loss May Be Linked to Memory Loss

Elderly people who lose their teeth may be at increased risk for dementia, researchers have found.

The new study included more than 4,000 Japanese participants, 65 and older, who underwent a dental examination and a psychiatric assessment. Compared with participants who still had many of their natural teeth, those with fewer or no teeth were much more likely to have experienced some memory loss or have early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

The findings were published online in Behavioral and Brain Functions.

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Red Wine, Cranberries Are Good for Your Teeth

When you pop open that bottle of red wine, consider toasting its benefits to your teeth. After all, compounds in red wine can prevent cavities and plaque build-up, researchers say.

The compounds—called polyphenols—block a molecule made by the bacteria streptococcus mutans, which are found in all our mouths, said researcher Hyun Koo, a microbiologist at University of Rochester Medical Center in New York.

Normally, these bacteria break down sugar we eat and make sticky molecules called glucans, which let bacteria to cling to our teeth and damage their surfaces.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Plus Aspirin Reduce Chances of Gum Disease

Disease of the gums and supporting tissue, known to dentists as periodontitis, is a chronic inflammatory condition that destroys gum tissue and bone if left untreated. Signs of the disease are gums that bleed easily, red instead of pink gums, swollen receding tissue and loose teeth. Periodontitis is more likely to develop in individuals who smoke, have diabetes or a family history of the condition. Having the condition puts one at greater risk of heart and artery disease as well. The condition can be treated and managed if attended in enough time.

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Dogs’ Teeth Need Daily Brushing

Precaution is always better than cure. Especially when it comes to health problems may it be for yourself or your pets. According to a new research, New Zealanders are failing to meet new healthcare standards in keeping their dogs teeth hygienic.

According to most of the vets, dogs’ teeth need a daily routine of proper brushing and a check up by dentists every six months for avoiding tooth problems and foul smelling. About 99 percent of dog owners fail to brush their dog’s teeth daily, so they fail to meet the basic healthcare needs of their pets.

The main cause of pain and dental diseases of dogs is the absence of daily brushing. Teeth of dogs accumulate tartar and plaque as rapidly as humans do. The daily routine cleaning is the ideal way to maintain canine oral health.

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