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New Way to Teach Children About Good Oral Hygiene

If you’ve lost all hope trying to convince patients about the importance of good oral hygiene, do not despair. Help has finally arrived in the form of a 17-minute short film that really packs a punch in the brushing and flossing department. Now available on DVD, “CROOKED” is designed with “dentists in mind” and is starting to play on waiting room flat screens and patient chair monitors all over the country.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Todd Thompson, “CROOKED” is told through the eyes of Samantha, a young girl obsessed with losing her last “crooked” baby tooth in order to obtain the perfect smile and win the heart of the new boy at school. The film stars Kendall Ganey (The Little Princess, Ace Ventura Pet Detective) and Bo Mitchell (October Road, Eastbound and Down) and introduces the talents of Sarah Grace Ackerman and Justin Garcia.

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Dentists Invited to Hypnotherapy Courses

Dental professionals in the United Kingdom have been invited to attend hypnotherapy courses to help nervous patients.

The courses are being run by the Institute of Hypnotherapy for Medical and Dental Practice and the sessions will be taught by Dr. John Butler, the creator of the institute.

The aims of the courses are to teach dentists how to effectively manage nervous dental patients, how to alleviate tension and stress, and how to boost patient numbers and encourage patients to attend routine check-ups. There are two courses being offered; one is an introductory course and the other is an advanced hypnodontics course.

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Dental Chain Makes Deal to Treat Allcare Patients

Emergency Dental Care USA, a dental chain, has said it will treat patients who paid for treatment from Allcare Dental before it abruptly closed.

An agreement was reached last week and Michael Obeng has agreed to treat the Allcare patients. Patient records will be transferred.

Emergency Dental Care USA began in Nebraska in 1996 and now has 11 dental offices in nine states. The staff of Emergency Dental Care USA will contact the former Allcare patients and will set up appointments for the unfinished treatment.

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Preventing Tooth Decay In The Youngest American Indians

A study conducted in four American Indian communities in the Pacific Northwest presents an effective strategy to convince mothers to switch young children from drinking sweetened soda to water and shows that eliminating these sugary drinks from the diets of the youngest members of the tribe significantly decreased tooth decay.

The results of the dental arm of “The Toddler Overweight and Tooth Decay Prevention Study” (TOTS), which targeted American Indians from birth to 30 months of age, appear in the current issue (Volume 20, Number 4) of the peer-reviewed journal Ethnicity & Disease.

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Study Shows Dentists Confused by Facebook

A new nationwide study by Verasoni Ah Ha! (The Research arm of Verasoni Worldwide), of how dentists use Facebook to promote their practice reveals that dentists are at a loss on Facebook. Data from the study reveal that dentists do not yet understand how to leverage social media channels such as Facebook to engage patients, despite the patient’s and consumer’s growing engagement with this medium. The study concludes that dentists have not strategically positioned their practices on Facebook, nor have they focused on developing and growing their network.

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