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Cavities May be Contagious

Cavities may come not only from what you eat, but what bacteria you come in contact with.

According to new studies, the bacteria that cause cavities can be transmitted from one person to another.

There are cases of children developing cavities from their mothers. If a mother tastes some food and then feeds her child, the child is at increased risk for getting a cavity.

When couples kiss, the cavity-causing bacteria can be spread from person to the other. Even if a person has a completely healthy mouth, he or she is not immune to cavities if his or her partner has the bacteria in their mouth.

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Treatment for Gum Disease May Reduce Costs for Diabetes Care

People with diabetes may have a new way to save costs on treatment.

A new study from CIGNA shows that there may be a correlation between treating periodontal disease and diminished medical costs for diabetes patients. The study was unveiled at the International Association for Dental Research meeting in San Diego.

This new finding backs up the previous CIGNA research regarding treating gum disease and the effect it has on diabetes.

This new information was generated after analyzing the results of patients who were treated for gum disease in the first year and then received regular maintenance treatment. The results were then compared to patients who did not receive the regular maintenance work. The ensuing medical costs were about 23 percent lower for patients who had undergone the necessary gum disease care and regular maintenance, according to the study.

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New Dental System Causes Problems in Australia

Dental care is at the center of a major debate between political parties in Australia.

The Australian Green Party has determined that they want to invest more money in dental care. The Labor Party, however, wanted to lower tax rates for small businesses and increase the savings for retired citizens. This plan would also involve a mining tax, which is called the Minerals Resource Rental Tax.

The Green Party already agreed to the plan that would invest more in dental care, and that’s where the problem arises. The type of dental care being discussed involves universal care.

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Ticket for Free Dental Clinic in Virginia Appears on eBay

The Roanoke Mission of Mercy handed out 900 free tickets to a two-day free dental clinic scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday at the Roanoke Civic Center. Someone, however, decided this would be a good way to profit, so he or she posted a ticket for the Saturday event on eBay. The person was looking for $250 for the ticket but hoping for as much as $550.

The listing first appeared on eBay March 26.

The person waited at an Advance Auto store in Roanoke, Va. to acquire the ticket.

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Eating Greens May Reduce Risk of Oral Cancer

There’s a way for women who smoke to reduce their risk of oral cancer. And it has nothing to do with quitting smoking.

According a new study by the British Dental Health Foundation, eating green, leafy vegetables will lower the risk of oral cancer for women who smoke. Every time a woman eats a serving of green, leafy vegetables, the odds of developing oral cancer decrease. Still, the best way to reduce your risk for oral cancer is to quit, but this new way might be second.

This finding was part of a larger study aimed at discovering how one’s diet affects their risk of oral cancer.

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