Tooth Decay Becomes Problem in Canadian Province

Dental experts from Saskatchewan are letting residents know that oral health problems are being noticed at an alarming rate, including tooth decay.

Since 1993, decay amongst children has been increasing. Back then, 20 percent of children had cavities, while 27 percent had cavities in 2008-2009.

The reason for these oral health issues is neglect, according to Dr. Gary Uswak, dean of the college of dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan. According to Dr. Uswak, the rates of decay are rising in certain groups of children, particularly children from poor families.

Dentists in Scotland Perform Dental Surgery on Polar Bear

Veterinarians at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland recently did something they don’t do often.

They needed to perform surgery on a polar bear because the bear had a swollen jaw from antibiotics that did not cure an infection.

With the polar bear’s size, 10 people were needed to lift the bear onto the operating table. A team of four veterinarians was also needed to properly anesthetize the bear.

During the surgery, the veterinarians removed the infected tooth that caused the swelling. The procedure took four hours.

Common Drug Prescribed for Osteoporosis may Increase Risk of Jaw Disease

Oral bisphosphonates, which are generally prescribed for osteoporosis, may raise a person’s chances of developing osteonecrosis of the jaw, according to the Journal of Dental Research.

Osteonecrosis is the death of a bone. Still, the possibility of developing the condition after taking oral bisphosphonates remains low. Also, considering the number of benefits associated with the drug, people who take it to prevent and treat osteoporosis should not stop.

Dental Stem Cell Banking Provides Possibility for a Better Future

Dental stem cell banking now gives parents a new opportunity.

Parents can store their child’s stem cells, which comes from the milk of the tooth. It’s another way to preserve DNA, just like it’s done with umbilical cord blood banking.

Dental stem cells generally comprise mesenchymal variety of stem cells.

The advantage of stem cells banking over umbilical cord blood banking is that it allows for collecting the cells over a larger period of time, instead of the 15-minute window right after delivery. There are also multiple teeth to choose from.

Government Officials Propose Law to Increase Federal Disaster Resources

Congressmen Michael C. Burgess and Edolphus Towns have introduced a Dental Emergency Responder Act, which would enhance the medical response capabilities for healthcare during natural disasters or tragedies.

As it stands now, dental facilities and dentists are not part of the process that gives aid the victims of horrific events, such as terrorist attacks. There have also been cases in which dental schools were not allowed to provide help in these situations.

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