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California Experiences Dentist Shortage

The Golden State is no longer appealing to dentists.

The recession, the termination of Medicaid dental reimbursements and a large number of well-known dentists in the wealthy, populated areas are forcing new dentists to leave California. The information comes from a new policy brief from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

California had more licensed dentists than any other state in 2012—more than 35,000. But the number of those licensed dentists who chose to live or work out of state increased by 6 percent from 2008 through 2012.

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Effectiveness of Taste Buds Hampered by Smoking

Bad news for coffee-drinking smokers: the toxic chemicals in tobacco make a person unable to fully taste the bitterness of coffee.

The information appeared in the journal Chemosensory Perception.

The researchers pinpointed the chemicals in tobacco, which are proven to make a smoker lose his or her sense of taste over time. The chemicals also create structural changes of the tongue.

The long-term effects of smoking on taste buds are still not fully known, however. It could be possible for someone to regain his or her sense of taste after giving up smoking for a long period of time.

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Plasma Tool May Eradicate Cancer Cells

There may be an innovative way to help cure some forms of cancer, including oral cancer.

Plasma medicine is a new area of care that uses atmospheric pressure plasma jets with biological tissues that may have the ability to aid in medical treatment.

A research team at the University of Notre Dame conducted a comprehensive study that explored various types of DNA damage caused by atmospheric pressure plasma exposure. Based on the information developed through the study, it’s conceivable that new techniques could be used for cancer therapy, in addition to dental care, hospital hygiene, skins diseases, antifungal problems, chronic wounds and other issues.

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Tooth Loss may Cause Depression, Anxiety

Losing teeth may cause even more adverse consequences.

A recent study shows that people who experience dental anxiety and skip dental visits may end up being depressed based on the ensuing poor dental health or tooth loss.

The information comes from a study explained at the 43rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the American Association for Dental Research at West Virginia University.

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey compiled data on this subject based on numerous phone conversations. To participate, people had to be at least 19, as well as having the full array of data on anxiety, depression and tooth loss.

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Oral Thrush Problematic for HIV Patients

Keeping up with one’s oral care is one of the forgotten aspects for treating patient with HIV. But oral candidiasis is a major issue for people whose immune systems are hampered in some way.

That’s why Case Western Reserve University conducted a comprehensive study on the matter. The information appears in the journal PLOS Pathogens.

The goal of the study was to examine the mouths of people who are HIV positive and compare them to people with healthy mouths. The bacteria were analyzed using high-throughput gene sequencing.

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