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Woman Has Jawbone Transplant

Belgian doctors performed a dental procedure that had never been done before.

Thanks to the doctors’ work, they enabled an 83-year-old woman to become the first person to ever undergo a jawbone transplant. The artificial jawbone was developed with the help of a 3-dimensional printer.

The doctors and engineers used the latest technology to create the custom metal jawbone, which was made from layers of titanium. The jawbone was placed into the woman’s lower jaw and was used to take the place of a large segment that suffered major infection.

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Removing Some Types of Bacteria Key in Preventing Gum Disease

Eliminating certain bacteria is the key to preventing gum disease and tooth loss, according to a new study.

The bacterial access key may be a drug target for people who are more susceptible to gum disease. The study was published in the journal Microbiology.

One type of bacteria, Treponema denticola, builds up in communities to develop into dental plaque. This type of plaque generally results in bleeding gums and gum disease. It could eventually lead to periodontitis or tooth loss.

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Sports Drinks Continue to Ruin Oral Health

Next time you consume a sports drink think about the impact on your teeth.

Sports drinks and energy drinks were originally created to improve health but have had the opposite effect. With the amount of sugar in these drinks, people who consume them are seeing their teeth destroyed. The sugar combines with the acid, meaning these drinks have no redeeming quality for teeth.

After just one day of soaking in Gatorade, Red Bull or coke, the enamel of the teeth already was slightly eaten away, according to research by the University of Iowa.

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Daily Drinking May Increase Oral Cancer Risk

Two glasses of wine or some types of beer on a daily basis can increase oral cancer risk, according to a recent study.

The information came to light after the United Kingdom unveiled an advertising campaign aimed at discouraging daily drinking. The campaign also hopes to raise awareness about the causes and symptoms of oral cancer.

Some of the advertising will also target drinking and some of the other health problems associated with excessive drinking, such as high blood pressure.

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Report Proposes New Pay Scale for Dentists

Dental professionals should be paid differently and should be monitored more closely, according to a report by the Kellogg Foundation and the DentaQuest Institute.

The report suggested these changes based on the increasing cost of dental care and the inability of many people to receive dental care.

Dentistry is one the highest out-of-pocket healthcare costs, with prescription medicines topping the list, according to the report. May people can’t even afford any type of dental treatment.

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