Math Results in More Efficient Dental Treatment

Dental treatment in Sweden for dental crowns costs taxpayers millions of SEK each year.

That’s why researchers at Chalmers University of Technology want to prevent that from happening in the future. As a result, the researchers are developing methods to project the exact amount it will cost to create a tooth and then place a crown on it. The final result will be cheaper costs and quicker treatment.

Now, however, these researchers are working on a computer program that will be capable of taking away much of the leg work necessary for dentists to complete the entire crown procedure.

Scottish People Need to Visit Dentists More Often

The poor economy is taking its toll on Scotland, just like it’s affecting the rest of the world. Dentists have gone through this first hand.

Dentists in Scotland have seen many patients cancelling or postponing appointments because the patients simply cannot afford the treatment. That's why officials are concerned that people are putting their oral health and overall at risk for major problems.

The impact has left dentists in the country with decreases in pay during the last year. People are postponing or simply not coming for treatment if they suspect the treatment will be costly.

Research Indicates HPV Results in Mouth Cancer

There's growing evidence linking the Human Papilloma Virus and mouth cancer.

A study recently demonstrated that there's a connection between the two diseases. HPV can be passed on in various ways, including by sexual contact. The report comes from researchers at the University College London Eastman Dental Institute.

HPV is passed sexually but most people don't realize the virus can result in a higher risk for cancer. HPV also can result in cervical cancer for women.

Periodontitis May Stem From Obesity

Obese people may have more reasons to worry about periodontitis.

A study titled "MicroRNA Modulation in Obesity and Periodontitis" analyzed this issue in the Journal of Dental Research. The University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Oral Health Institute provided the research.

To compile the data, the total RNA was extracted from gingival biopsy samples gathered from 20 patients divided into four groups. The groups were people with a healthy periodontium, 5 nonobese participants with periodontitis, 5 obese participants with a healthy periodontium and 5 obese participants with periodontitis.

Dental Trip Could Help Migraines

A visit to the dentist may be the best way to treat a migraine.

Migraines are a major problem because they make people unable to function and accomplish the most basic of tasks. Medication helps but it doesn't completely eradicate the problem.

That's why dentists have seen an increase in the number of patients visiting them with bruxism symptoms. Migraines can sometimes stem from teeth grinding because the act of the teeth clenching adds unnecessary pressure to the jawbone and other facial structures.

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