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Licorice Battles Bacteria That Causes Tooth Decay

There are two substances in licorice that may be extremely beneficial to dentistry.

The substances, which happen to be used in Chinese medicine, kill the bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease. A study from the Journal of Natural Products states that they could successfully treat dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

The dried root that comes from the licorice is what does the trick, according to the studies. It will be great for people in China since it's a common substance in many forms of medicine. In the United States, however, the dried licorice root has been replaced by anise oil, something that is said to have to a similar taste.

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Research Developed to Increase Cancer Knowledge

New information will help scientists better understand cancer.

A research team can now learn more about oral cancer thanks to a 3-dimensional model of lab-made tissue that represents the oral cavity. Using this model, researchers discovered that the tissue can trigger something in the cell adhesion protein involved with the development of cancer.

The study was published in the January issue of Epigenetics.

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Dental Visits Essential to Healthy Life

Despite the poor economy, there are some areas in which costs can't be cut.

One of them is dental coverage. Maintaining good oral health leads to having solid overall health.

There are no concrete statistics on the dwindling number of people visiting the dentist but many studies indicate people are visiting the dentist less often. Gallup-Healthways surveyed about 177,000 Americans from January through June 2011 and found that 35 percent of Americans didn't visit the dentist in the last 12 months.

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Dental Tourism Becomes Major Industry in Scotland

Dental tourism is now a big deal in Scotland.

With people looking to save money, people are flocking to Scotland for low-cost dental care. The wait time and high costs of dental treatment in other countries doesn’t exist in Scotland. Specifically, people from the United Kingdom are making these trips to cut costs.

Instead of travelling to Hungary for dental treatment, Scotland may become the new popular destination for dental care.

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New Nanocrystals Improve Dentures

A new glass ceramic has been created that will be beneficial to dentistry.

A research team at the Otto-Schott Institute for Glass Chemistry generated a new glass structure that would be ideal for dentures.

The strength of this new glass substance will be about five times stronger than similar denture ceramics, according to Dr. Christian Russel of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany.

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