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Rules Banning Dentists with HIV to be Changed

Dentists and doctors with HIV will be allowed to practice their craft.

There are many hospitals and clinics that prevent dentists and doctors with HIV from treating patients. These dentists don’t pose the same threat of passing the infection as they once did, that’s why the ban can be lifted.

HIV can be handled with anti-retroviral medication. There are studies that show that the levels of infected particles in the blood are at a minimal amount. There are also tough infection control measures that allowed some Western European countries, as well as Australia and the United States to lift the restrictions that were previously in place.

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Australians Not Thrilled With Prices of Dental Care

People in Australia are not happy with the dental coverage they’re receiving.

A new study indicates the Australians are unhappy with the amount of time they have to wait for the treatment, as well as the cost.

The report was created by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The people didn’t have any problems with the quality of care or the amount of time they were with the dentist/doctor.

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Caution Necessary to Ensure Effective Teeth Whitening

Certain measures must be taken after having your teeth whitened. This way, the teeth won’t revert back to their previous color.

There are particular foods that enable teeth to maintain their white color. If these foods are eaten on a regular basis, it’s possible that your teeth will remain white and any possible bleaching won’t be necessary.

Firm fruits and vegetables, particularly apples, green beans, cauliflower, celery, and carrots, help to scrub teeth. These foods also generate the flow of saliva, which is a critical step to counteract the acid and preserve your teeth.

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Orthodontic Issues May Stem From Diet

The soft modern diet may be the culprit regarding orthodontic problems.

The jaws of many people grow too short in proportion to the size of teeth, according a study done by the United Kingdom's University of Kent.

The research analyzed the theory involving the transformation of humans going from hunter-gatherers to many communities now based on agriculture and the impact this had on the way the jaw and skull developed. To find this information, the shapes of 11 craniums and mandibles were analyzed. The people came from a variety of different places with a variety of backgrounds.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Demand Increases

More people are undergoing cosmetic dental treatments in Australia.

There are some surgeries that have risen by 60 percent according to some studies, with middle-age women making up most of the people having the surgery.

The reason for this dramatic increase in cosmetic surgery is based on the way society is today. The combination of reality shows and the way celebrities want to make changes to their smiles has permeated through the rest of people. It also doesn't hurt that many of these treatments are much more affordable than they were in years past.

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