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Some Dentists Call for Expansion of HPV Vaccination

There are some dentists around the world who want more people to be vaccinated for human papilloma virus.

In the United Kingdom, there’s a vaccination program for girls. Dentists and other people the medical profession, however, want boys to now be included in the program.

HPV is a huge risk factor for cervical cancer but it has also been linked to oral cancer. The amount of throat cancer cases has roughly doubled in the last 15 years and much of that has been because of HPV. Drinking and smoking are some of the other risk factors.

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New Jersey Plans Possible Changes for Dental Colleges

New Jersey will see alterations to the ways its dental schools are set up, according to a new proposal.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced the reorganization on Wednesday. Under the new plan, Rutgers University will add a medical school.

The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey will be split up into Rutgers and Rowan universities throughout the state. The remnants of the Newark campus will eventually be called the New Jersey Health Sciences University.

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Lack of Dentists Causes Cancer Risk to Rise in South Africa

People in South Africa are more at risk for mouth or throat cancer than they were in recent years. The reason is simple: there’s a shortage of dentists in the country.

There are fewer than 3,500 dentists who practicing in the entire country, according to the South African Dental Association. With that low number of dentists, there’s no conceivable way for people to visit the dentist regularly.

Some studies show that there are 500,000 people for each dentist in South Africa. Comparatively speaking, there is a dentist for about every 1,700 people in the United States—or slightly more or less, depending on the specific geography region.

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More Patients Visit Emergency Room

Many Americans are turning to the emergency room for dental care. A lack of dental insurance is the reason.

People without dental insurance are increasingly visiting the emergency room because they don’t have any other options. The issue is not a good one for many local medical services. Since many people don’t have the insurance coverage they once did, this is the result.

Dental care isn’t affordable for many people with low incomes or people who are unemployed. The risk of oral diseases, infections and pain is up dramatically because people don’t receive the regular treatment they had in the past.

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Smoothies Can Cause Dental Problems

Parents should stay away from allowing their children to drink smoothies.

The high acidity level in the smoothies is capable of resulting in dental problems. Even smoothies that claim to have a health value are actually causing a type of acid erosion.

Half of children around age 5 in some countries have shown signs of tooth wear, and the cause is the multitude fruit-based acidic drinks. The acid loosens up the enamel, making way for tooth erosion. The teeth are then more susceptible to damage and decay.

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