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Substance May Provide Boost to Enamel

It may be beneficial to your health if you eat more dark chocolate.

A dentist from Beverly Hills, Calif. claims that a bitter power found in dark chocolate, theobromine, can actually harden the enamel. This would add protection to the teeth against the possible impact of staining.

Milk chocolate, however, would not have the same effect based on its high sugar content that causes bacteria and bad breath.

Dr. Harold Katz also states that cheese, green tea and strawberries have a beneficial impact when it comes to whitening teeth. The foods, just like dark chocolate, produce the best results when consumed early in the day after plaque piled up over night.

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Gum Disease Bacteria May Hamper Immune System

University of Pennsylvania researchers made a new discovery about the impact of periodontitis.

Periodontitis often causes dysbiosis, which is a two-fold manipulation of the human immune system that diminishes the immune system’s effectiveness.

The information appears in the journal Cell Host & Microbe. The periodontal bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis impacts two pathways while eliminating immune cells and maintaining their ability to produce inflammation. This saves the neutral gum bacteria from immune system clearance.

But it also makes way for dysbiosis, producing bone loss and inflammation. The broken down products feed into dysbiosis. The resulting cycle, which is buoyed by the combination of inflammation and dysbiosis, worsens periodontitis.

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Coffee Could Lead to Healthy Teeth

There may be a newly discovered benefit to drinking coffee.

Recent studies suggest that regularly drinking coffee keeps teeth healthy and clean. The information was determined by a team at the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro.

The caffeine helps to eliminate harmful bacteria and plaque.

The researchers looked at baby teeth containing the robusta coffee bean, which is grown in Brazil and Vietnam. They concluded that the bean aided in getting rid of a film of bacteria on the teeth, serving to thwart the onset of plaque.

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Nutrition is Vital Part of Oral Health

More stress needs to be placed upon other aspects to truly determine one’s oral health.

The practice paper “Oral Health and Nutrition” has been published on the Academy of Nutrition’s Web site, which backs up the Academy’s paper that appeared in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics last year.

Based on the information from the paper, nutrition assessment is one of the keys to pinpointing dietary intake and other nutritional factors that could impact a person’s oral health. It’s also important for dentists to stress the value of food choices to ensure that a person can maintain optimal oral health.

There are certain foods and nutrition guidelines that can be followed to optimize one’s oral health.

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New Method May Thwart Dental Phobia

Some scientists think they may have what it takes solve dental phobia.

A group of researchers in Nigeria determined that electrotherapy can alleviate fear and anxiety, enabling numerous patients around the world to go for dental treatment without the feeling of fear and terror they previously experienced.

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation reduced anxiety in patients who suffered from the long-term fear of a dental visit. This method works by transmitting miniscule electric impulses to the brain, similar to the type of treatment some pregnant women receive to control pain.

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