Aesthetic Dentistry Does Not Increase Happiness

Aesthetic changes to a person’s smile will not simply make the person feel better about it.

The findings from a new study indicate that healthy psychologists are necessary to help a person feel better about their appearance, even after undergoing aesthetic dental procedures. King’s College London recently made this determination.

To conduct the study, 60 participants answered questions about their satisfaction with their appearance before and after the dental work.

Regardless of the specific procedure that was performed, people who were most satisfied with their appearance prior to receiving aesthetic dental treatment remained happiest after undergoing the treatment. The dissatisfaction with one’s appearance noticed among people considered neurotic remained after the aesthetic dental procedures.

The goal of the study was to determine whether one’s views of his or herself impacted the way they felt about aesthetic dental treatment. The results showed that this was, in fact, the case.

Based on this study, it’s important for patients and dentists to reach a point in which the patient feels as satisfied as possible about his or her current appearance. Neuroticism is an enemy of aesthetic dental procedures.

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