Lack of Fluoride May be Root of Calgary Dental Problems

A lack of fluoride exposure may be posing some problems in a Canadian city.

Dentists in Calgary, Alberta are blaming the rise in cavities over the stoppage of water fluoridation. Water fluoridation in the city was ceased two years ago and many now claim that was a mistake.

The standards of children’s oral health have declined in the last two years, based on information from the Alberta Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. More children are developing cavities and more are developing more severe cavities.

The statistics show that 30 percent of the children 5 and younger have encountered an issue with cavities.

Many dentists in the city would like government officials to overturn the legislation that ended fluoridation, returning to fluoridation again.

One of the reasons for ending fluoridation stemmed from the idea that the money could be spent elsewhere in the area of children’s dental health programs.

Many studies have been done on fluoride, yet there isn’t a conclusive answer on its impact on teeth. Many people state that it’s beneficial for teeth while others claim its does more harm than good over time.

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