Dental Experts Warn People About Summer Eating

You may want to pay attention to what you eat this summer.

Dental experts want people to be informed that many popular summer foods can be harmful to your teeth. Many people may have some kind of tooth wear and may not even be aware of it, and the problem is exacerbated during the summer months.

In addition to things that most people know are harmful to your teeth (sugary drinks, soda and sweets), pickles may be a problem. Pickles can contain sugar and strong colorants that may alter a tooth’s color.

Tomatoes may pose problems as well. Tomatoes could be beneficial to teeth in some ways but the acid present in tomatoes may eat away at the enamel. As result, it’s best to eat tomatoes during a meal as opposed to eating them throughout the day.

People also opt for fruit juice sometimes in the summer. But the problems with fruit juice stem from the amount of sugar in them. Natural fruit juices are much healthier because of the lack of added sugar. Sugarless mixers are also much healthier for cocktails instead of mixers that contain sugar.

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