Lack of Dental Insurance Causes Problems for Kentucky Residents

Staggering amounts of people in Kentucky don’t have dental insurance.

The recent Kentucky Health Issues Poll showed that 51 percent of adults in the state don’t have any type of dental insurance. That comprises roughly 1.7 million people.

As result of this information, 49 percent of these patients have delayed dental treatment because of the costs.

This information comes from the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati. The research was conducted from September and October 2012. The information also indicates that 39 percent of Kentucky residents don’t have a dentist and 79 percent haven’t visited the dentist or been to a dental clinic in more than five years.

Nearly 1,700 people were surveyed as part of this study.

If this situation isn’t corrected soon, there will be many residents in Kentucky who experience other health problems stemming from their poor oral health. Some people are aware of the negative impact this lack of dental visits will have on their overall health but there’s nothing they can do without dental coverage.

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