Vitamin D May Lower Rate of Tooth Decay

Vitamin D may benefit dentistry in a major way.

Many recent studies have concluded that vitamin D may be capable of preventing dental caries or tooth decay. Based on 24 clinical trials from the 1920s through the 1980s, 3,000 children were studied in regards to vitamin D and its impact on the teeth. The results from these various studies showed that there was a 50 percent tooth decay reduction from the people who participated in the study.

The information appeared in the December issue of Nutrition Reviews.

The benefits of vitamin D in the area of bone health have never been disputed. Vitamin D’s impact on caries, however, has led to much debate.

The U.S. National Research Council concluded around 1950 that vitamin D aided protection against caries. But around the same time, the American Dental Association disputed this claim. The debate continued into the late 1980s.

Current studies by the Institute of Medicine, the U.S. Department of Human Health and Service and the ADA don’t infer anything about vitamin D and its impact on dental caries.

An ongoing factor lends more credence into the idea that vitamin D lowers the rate of tooth decay: vitamin D levels in many populations are going down while the number of dental caries seen in young children continues to rise. It’s conceivable that this data is purely coincidental.

Despite the years of research on the topic, more is necessary to definitively determine how vitamin D affects a person’s risk of developing tooth decay.

Jan Wade Gilbert, DMD (06.12.2012 (12:47:42))
Dental Caries and Vitamin D Yes No By taking a single nutrient, like Vitamin D, and trying to correlate its effect on anything in the body is impossible if one uses the scientific method and Koch's Postulates. In addition, the Vitamin D studied is not as it exists in nature and is only one of the many forms of Vitamin D we need.

Dental caries is a result of one's entire nutritional status (Google: The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutritional Status) and focusing on one item is fruitless.
nadyali (18.12.2012 (06:59:15))
comment Yes No Vitamin D is indeed a wonder vitamin with many benefits for the health of bones and teeth.Dr Weston Price and Dr Mellanby have conducted many experiments and studies and have concluded that regular use of vitamin D in diet helps fight the caries. Ramiel Nagel ,in his book “Cure tooth decay” has explained in detail the effects of vitamin D and how its helps in preventing and treating tooth decay. He recommends cod liver oil as the best source of vitamin D and has devised a diet plan which incorporates vitamin D among other minerals for prevention and healing of tooth decay.

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