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89% of Adolescents Consume Sports Drinks

89% of Adolescents Consume Sports Drinks

28 June 2017

Sports drinks continue to be popular among adolescents, with 89% of 12- to 14-year-olds consuming...


May 2017

The Dentist’s Guide
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April 2017

Composite Vs. Porcelain’s:
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March 2017

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February 2017

Traumatic Dental Injuries: Emergency Assessment And Treatment

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May 2017

Solving Aesthetic Challenges From Trauma-Based Injuries


New Jersey Dental Group Defrauds Medicaid

A New Jersey dental company allegedly defrauded Medicaid out of more than $181,000.

The state Comptroller’s Office filed the claim against an East Orange dental group. The claims state that Anicia Cruz-Sledge took over the Gentle Dental Group in 2007 because her husband suffered from a medical condition prohibiting him from working in his dental practice.

Cruz-Sledge then proceeded to make Medicaid charges using her husband Edward's name. She even hired someone—Carl McGloster—who had been disbarred from participate in Medicaid in an attempt for him to take the place of her husband.

McGloster issued 290 prescriptions and 63 were for controlled dangerous substances, according to the reports. The prescription came from the prescription pad of Edward Cruz-Sledge.

Anicia Cruz-Sledge also admitted to posing as a dental assistant and hygienist without being licensed to do so. In addition, she hired two other dentists who weren’t approved to provide services to patients.

New Jersey stopped the Medicaid payments to Gentle Dental earlier this year and looks to recoup $1.3 million. The state is also seeking $510,000 from McGloster for the improper Medicaid claims. McGloster allegedly wrote 427 prescriptions to Medicaid patients, even though he wasn’t allowed to partake in the program.

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Exclusive Interview: Patient Education and GentleWave

Exclusive Interview: Patient Education and GentleWave

21 June 2017

Patients are becoming more educated, as a world of information is readily available at our...

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e-Prescribing with XLDent

e-Prescribing with XLDent

29 March 2017

Drs. David Andersen and Lora Nelson explain how easy e-Prescribing...

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Show Me the Way

Show Me the Way

02 May 2017

This year’s International Dental Show did not disappoint: 155,000 participants from 157 countries attended,...

Implants Today

Dental Implant Prosthetic Options

01 June 2017

While implants have the mechanical availability to attach many different prosthetic options, many factors...

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