More Thorough Analysis of Saliva May Serve Patients, Dentists Well

Many health indicators are right in front of a dentist, according to a new study.

Dr. David Wong, a researcher from UCLA, states that dentists can pinpoint health indicators simply by studying the saliva of their patients. A wide array of health conditions can be determined, including cancer.

Wong’s research appears in the Journal of the American Dental Association. He claims that much can be learned from a mouth-swab procedure, which is not invasive. There is no pain that results and it will cause little, if any, discomfort for the patient.

The reason the study of saliva should be more prevalent is because more people see their dentist than their doctor.

If diseases are detected early through saliva study, a person may have time to be cured of a health problem before deteriorating. If some diseases are detected too late, little can be done to thwart the impact.

Oral cancer has become more prevalent in recent years but many cases are not detected until reaching an advanced stage. At this point, it is often too late to cure.

The analysis of saliva isn’t taking place enough, according to Wong. He claims that it could become more widespread and it may be more convenient than other diagnostic tests on bodily fluids.

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