People Prefer Perfect Smile Over Perfect Body

People would rather have a great smile than be in great shape.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducted a study regarding this issue and found an overwhelming majority opted for the smile.

There were 80 percent of American adults who said they would spend money to fix a flaw due to aging. Among these people, 62 percent said they would choose to improve the quality of their teeth while 48 percent stated that they would devote the money toward weight loss.

About 45 percent of Americans think a smile can successfully battle the effects of aging. The second choice for defying age was a person’s eyes, and 34 percent of the people believed that option. Only 10 percent of the people surveyed thought body shape could defy age, while 6 percent said hair and 5 percent said legs.

The study also showed that 54 percent of Americans older 50 thought that a smile could thwart the effects of aging. Just 38 percent of people ages 18 to 29 believe a smile can have that impact.

“A great smile is always in style, and these results prove it,” AACD President Dr. Ron Goodlin said. “Cosmetic dental professionals can rest assured that their services will be needed.”

The research for the study was done through Kelton Global and was scheduled in September, which is Healthy Aging Month. There were 1,018 adults who were 18 and older that took part in the study.

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