Some Foods May Boost Oral Health

At this point, it’s clear that acidic drinks and sugary foods have a negative impact on your teeth. But there are some foods and beverages that could aid your oral health.

Foods such as salmon, quinoa, basil, onions, broccoli and mushrooms will most likely make sure your oral health stays the way it should.

Salmon is high in omega 3 oils, which enables it to prevent inflammation.

Basil could be considered a natural antibiotic, meaning it lowers the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

Quinoa is rich and protein and calcium. This characteristic gives it the ability to keep teeth and bones strong.

Onions possess a sulfur compound that can combat Streptococcus bacteria.

The iron in broccoli forms a protective barrier against tooth decay.

Shitake mushrooms limit the ability of plaque to get caught in the teeth and gums, while fruits high in vitamin C could be considered natural tooth whiteners.

By sticking with these foods instead of foods high in sugar, one can ensure that good oral health is maintained.

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