Pain-free Dental Drill May be on its Way

A pain-free dental device may be unveiled in the near future.

University of Missouri researchers are working on a drill that is similar to an electric toothbrush and will clean cavities by utilizing high energy gas and liquid particles.

The non-thermal argon plasma brush shoots electronically charges particles. By doing so, the bacteria are killed immediately.

Regular dental drills result in pain because of the toughness of the enamel. The idea of this innovation is to prevent that pain.

The drill creates vibrations to get through the enamel. The problem is that there are sensitive nerve endings there. These nerves would be spared the vibration and pain with this new drill.

The fillings would be about 60 percent stronger that existing fillings, which can last around 10 years.

More research is necessary before this new type of drill is completed.

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