Americans Aren’t Knowledgeable About Oral Health

If it were up to the average American, oral health would be in a bad place right now.

A survey conducted by the American Dental Association indicates that the average American’s oral health knowledge earns a letter grade of D.

The results come from a recent ADA survey about how educated people are about their oral health.

The survey concluded that 90 percent of adults think it’s best to brush their teeth right after each meal. In actuality, a person should brush when they wake up and before going to sleep. If a person brushed after each meal, he or she could spread around the possible acidic food just consumed, which could damage the enamel.

The survey also showed that 65 percent of people believe they should change their toothbrush every six months. The ADA recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.

Roughly 75 percent of American adults were unaware of the time in which they should take their child for his or her first dental appointment. This is something that should be done when the child is a year old, according to the ADA. The survey also showed that people think flossing should be done twice per week. The ADA suggests flossing once per day.

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