Dental Floss May Have Cancer-Causing Component

Dental floss usage may not be completely beneficial.

The coating used for dental floss is prefluorinated polymer, which is a change from years of being coated with a harmless wax. The problem is PFC, which is cheaper for the companies to manufacture and is the similar to coating for Teflon pans, may cause health problems if people are overexposed to it. In small doses, however, there does not appear to be any threat.

Although still in early stages of research, some studies indicate it may be better to utilize dental floss without PFC. In some cases, PFC can cause cancer, hormonal problems and other immune system problems, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

With repeated use of dental floss containing PFC, the substance can spread within the mouth, according to a study. There was no indication that this happened when the previous wax was used.

Despite this information, flossing is still vital to one’s dental health. There are some brands of dental floss that are made of substances not linked to any health problems.

More information is necessary to confirm the adverse effects of PFC. It’s possible the resulting health problems were isolated and the substance isn’t actually harmful

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