Ohio Girl Dies After Undergoing Dental Procedure

A 13-year-old girl from Elyria, Ohio died Monday from the effects of what happened during a routine dental procedure.

Marissa Kingery had been on life support for about two weeks after being rushed to the hospital during a dental appointment. The dentist used anesthesia on the girl, who was supposed to have two baby teeth removed and needed work on a third tooth.

The girl was taken to Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland because things went wrong when she was under the anesthesia. The preliminary cause of death is a lack of oxygen, according to the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office, but no final ruling will be made until all of the tests are conducted.

The oral surgeon, Henry B. Mazarow, 81, is licensed by the Ohio State dental board and has been practicing since 1956. He is licensed to administer general anesthesia and there is no record of any disciplinary ever taken against him.

The girl’s father, Jason Kingery, dropped his daughter off for the appointment and the girl’s mother, Amber McEwen, was at work at the Cleveland Clinic’s Westlake office when she got the call about her daughter’s condition. McEwen was told her daughter was taken in an ambulance and that the situation was grave. The family put Marissa on life support and hoped for the best, but nothing changed.

The parents donated her two kidneys and liver.

The family will look into filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

The case will be reviewed by the Ohio State Dental Board, which could rule anything from a simple warning to revoking the dentist’s license.

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