Maine Residents Will Vote on Dental Bond Issue

Residents of Maine will soon be voting on a $5 million bond issue that would help build dental clinics throughout the state.

A group of dentists, patients and healthcare providers are pushing for the vote to pass.

The proposal also wants to create a community-based teaching dental clinic and improve community-based healthcare and dental care clinics.

The proposal is necessary because there is currently a shortage of dentists in the state and state officials are trying to recruit newly qualified dentists. In order to get the dentists to stay in Maine, a dental school must be created because students have a better chance of staying in an area if they train there.

The problems that result from the shortage are patients must wait or travel far distances to visit a dentist.

If the bond passed, new clinics would open as a result of more students being in the area. As of now, most people have been in favor of the bill because of all the possible benefits.


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