Arizona Dentist Receives Award for Treating Homeless

Kris Volcheck used to have a private dental practice, but he decided to give it up.

He wanted to treat the homeless instead.

Volcheck created the Central Arizona Shelter Services, which now provides dental services for more than 6,000 homeless patients. For his work, Volcheck earned a national community health award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

When he decided to do this, Volcheck knew he was going to see teeth in some of the worst conditions he had ever seen. But today these people are receiving the kind of dental care every person needs. Volcheck now has a group of about 500 dentists and hygienists and they perform their work in a modern building. It wouldn’t have been possible without donations.

The clinic also serves as an opportunity for dentists and students to receive more dental training.

After helping the homeless, Volcheck will turn his attention to giving dental care to around 2,000 children from one of the poorest parts of Phoenix.

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